Mining Operations Optimization

We have extensive experience in optimizing operations especially in the area of fleet management for mining companies all over the world.

Mining companies who use us have experienced significant decreases in fuel consumption per ton and increased equipment productivity.

Mining System Implementation

Our system implementation services cover a wide range of services from project management to installation and training.

We offer you faster time to realize Return on Investment (ROI) for various applications and systems that you wish to implement.

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Remote Monitoring Center Operation

We help mining companies effectively monitor mining operations such as fatigue events monitoring, collision system monitoring, fleet management, dispatching and remote proactive maintenance monitoring.

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Software Support

We provide stellar software support through a team of system administrators who are highly skilled in linux server and systems support.

With MineX, you can have a 99.99% satisfaction guarantee on uptime and availability for your systems on any client site within West Africa.

Hardware Installation

Our team of highly skilled hardware installers help organizations install all kinds of complex systems across Africa.

Outsource your hardware installation and get the most accurate, fast and highest standard of installation for all your systems and mining machinery.

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